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2015 Market Overview


There are many reasons you might want to know your home’s value in today’s market: estate planning, homeowner insurance, refinancing, or merely curious.

This year continues the trend toward increasing home sale prices. The number of homes sold has also increased, while the inventory of homes for sale continues to decrease. In other words, more homes sold, with fewer homes for sale, plus more buyers, equals a seller’s market.

If you would like more information related to the value of your home in today’s active market, please call or email me. 

2015 Market Overview

The Warmest Day of the Year!


I know that there are usually a few days in late January and early February when we get a few nice days. This creates optimism and a better mood. This is really important because then the next couple months are the real test.

Finally when the first 70 degree day rolls around you can look everywhere and see a huge burst of energy. So I decided to take advantage of this great day to get some photos of some of the landmarks of the valley for a few new Community pages on my web site. These pages will let you learn more about some of the local communities we share the valley with. Check Out: Silverton

Of course the best way to go photo shooting is on two wheels! I thought every bike in the country was on the road

 Haysville road close to Howell Prairie road.

Learning to Blog

Well, today several hard working dedicated Brokers braved the cold to learn some new skills. In this session, one of the topics of this discussion was:
Why Would You Blog?
The answer to that is going to vary from person to person, but here are a few common answers.
  • Communicate with family and sphere
  • Communicate with peers
  • Showcase your knowledge and skills
  • Educate about topics
  • Encourage repeat, referral and return use of your website
So my congratulations to this harty bunch of great brokers.

Oregon Saturdy Ride / Resturant Review


Hi again,

One of the Great reasons to live in Oregon would be the access to the Oregon coast. The weekend of November 15th was fantastic. A great day to get one last motorcycle ride in before winter comes. This trip was to the Three Capes Scenic Route it starts at Pacific City and goes north. On the way back to Salem from Tillamook a great place to stop is Carlton. If you are hungry a great place is Cielo Blu. This is a really good restaurant featuring Italian style food and in a well restored old style small town building. Nice setting to people watch and wine taste. 

Here is a shot from the walk to the Cape Mears Lighthouse.

Wine Review


Weekend Winery Review

Sweet Cheeks is located at 26961 Briggs Hill Road Eugene, Oregon 97405. 

A short drive from Eugene gets you there.
Visiting on one of the rainiest days I can recently remember we found this terrific setting. They have a wonderful facility and I enjoyed their hospitality. Even though we were there in November it looks as though they can handle a large number of visitors.
 I enjoyed and made a purchase of their "Rosy Cheeks" it was very pleasant and crisp. It'll be great next summer on the patio.


To learn more visit their website at:
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